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  • Fiona Mackin

Thanksgiving Must Have

Blue Jello.

Jello Jello

Oh how I love Jello

Not the type you are thinking

For its thanksgiving

Jello with cool whip

Yeah ill pull up to the crib

Yes I said with cool whip

Now go grab your bib

You can use any type

Red, orange, blue, purple

The orange one kind of sucks

No one likes it, not even the ducks

Blue is where it's at

Don't drop your hat

So this year everyone get blue jello

And tell your grandma hello

I'm honored to be a guess writer. Poetry is where it's at, so I wrote a poem about my favorite thing about thanksgiving, blue jello. It's just normal jello with cool whip mixed in. It's so good so make it this year if you want a lit thanksgiving that will bring the family cheer. PS if you live wild, turn it into a pie.


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