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  • Avery McLaughlin

Thanksgiving Takes

Thanksgiving is the time of year where family gets together and shares a feast. However, the company of family is important, the food is one of largest parts of Thanksgiving. Typically, families will have turkey, cranberries, some sort of veggies, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and some sort of casserole/mac and cheese. Nobody ever discusses the rank of these foods or their favorites that are on the table. Personally, a controversial take on the Thanksgiving table is that stuffing is one of the worst items on the table, followed by cranberry sauce. The best food items on the table are rolls and turkey. Turkey is the higharchy of the thanksgiving table and is a staple. Rolls are simple, but everybody appreciates a warm roll with butter. The other foods serve as side dishes to Turkey and are not significant to the ranking. Although this may be a controversial opinion, Thanksgiving is an important holiday that depends on the food placed on the table. So instead of overlooking Thanksgiving food, consider your favorite this year!


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