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The Backpack Dynamic

By Avery Smith '23

In the past years, backpacks have been exiled from the VIZ halls, only allowed to be seen on our way into school. This even inspired the Class of 2017’s senior prank “Free the Backpack.”

Well, we’ve entered a new era...

Backpacks are allowed now! So how’s that working out? What’s changed?

Generally, everyone’s been loving it. Although some girls aren’t taking their backpacks to every class, that’s simply because they don’t need that many books for that certain class. Besides that, backpacks are being used by everyone because they allow us to be more organized and not haul around all our books in our arms. Not only are backpacks easier for students to carry their stuff around, but they also help us stay more distant. Because we have a whole bag to carry books for several classes, we don’t all need to go to the lockers every passing period which promotes social distancing.

Although this adjustment was made in order to help us during Covid-19 readjustments, it’s made life vastly easier, and if we are allowed to carry backpacks in the halls later on, the students would benefit.

Personally, I love having my backpack with me during classes! It makes me feel more organized and I can take everything I might need so that I never have to go to my locker in case I forget something for class. It creates a lot less disruptions in my daily schedule than school without backpacks did.

We all hope that backpacks are continuously allowed during the school day. Who knows, maybe we actually did “free the backpacks” finally.


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