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  • Jessica Martin

The Best and Worst Features of Viz Portal

The Viz Portal is an essential for any Viz student and teacher. We all use it whether that be to check grades, assignments, or the schedule for the day. While the portal can be useful, we all get annoyed with it at one point or another, so here is a surveyed list of the best and worst features of the Viz Portal! Best: Everything is in one place and easy to use - Who doesn’t love having all their assignments, grades, and calendar in the same place that is easy to navigate? The Assignment Center – It tells us due dates, organizes assignments by class and can be used as a to-do list! What more could you want? The Daily Schedule – Everyone has had those times when you get to school at the last minute and don’t even know what class is first, but you can easily check the schedule for the day on the portal! It has the times of classes which is super helpful on Mondays and Mass days, and you can look ahead to see what your schedule will be like for the next few days! Worst: The decimal points – At our school which is already stressful enough, showing the exact decimal of our grades only makes us more stressed and sometimes sad. Luckily they are gone now, but when they were up they only caused more stress. Teachers not putting assignments in the Assignment Center – many students love the assignment center as mentioned above, but when teachers don’t put assignments in, it can cause confusion about due dates. The password changes – While it is necessary to change passwords for security, it can get annoying at times to have to constantly change our passwords which can result in people forgetting their passwords and are then logged out on the device they didn’t change the password on.


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