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The Great Pumpkin Pie Debate

One great thing about Visitation Academy is our differing opinions, this week we decided to highlight one very important opinion that seems to have two concrete sides of an argument. The great pumpkin pie debate. We asked two VIZ students to give us their honest and heartfelt opinions on whether pumpkin pie as a desert is good or bad! Pro Side: Personally I believe that Pumpkin pie is the complete embodiment of fall! The flavors are so complex with sweet and savory notes that all come together for the perfect fall dessert. Sure it may be unconventional to make a pie from something that’s typically not seen as sweet but pumpkin pie has become a beloved part of thanksgiving as a whole. Con Side: I’m sorry but ever since I’ve been a little kid I’ve never understood pumpkin pie. Something about it has never sit right with me. When I think about pie I only think about sweet things like apples or cherries but pumpkins is a whole other ball game. Don’t even get me started on sweet potatoes. I just have the firm belief that pies are meant to be sweet so for that reason I can firmly say I don’t like pumpkin pie!


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