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The Hype of Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil A is a well-known fast-food chain known for its splendid service and great manners. Never failing to get your food order correct. I am here to say that I am one huge fan of this chain restaurant and it never fails to supply my hunger with utter happiness. Lately, I have been having more than the Chick-fil typical experience. I thought I would share my stories because they make for a good laugh. It was a routine Tuesday night for the Winter family. My stomach had cravings for a number one no pickle meal. I did not get the spicy sandwich, which is ironic for this kick of a story. My sister (Abby) and I pulling up to the Chick-fil ten minutes before closing. I did not know that it would make the highlight of the rest of my week. My car skrrts around the Chick-fil-A. No line was in sight and there I was pulling up fiercely and eagerly to the ordering intercom. A Chick-fil employee does not hesitate and speaks right away. He says, "Welcome to Chick-fil-A what's your name for the order." A quick and fast reply by myself as I say my name, Emma, into the intercom. As I began ordering my meal there was a big problem. There was no Powerade. I was utterly stunned. The best drink there gone before my eyes. The Chick-fil worker did not hesitate to give a funny response, "We do not have Powerade Emma". I stuttered and could not think. How could they not have my Powerade? I waited and waited. The impatient Chick-fil worker screeched, "c'mon Emma we do not have all day." Stunned by this reaction I could not help but burst out laughing. The worker continues to add on funny remarks yelling my name into the microphone five times. The fun did not stop there. He continued to make jokes about the rest of my order. Saying the brownie I wanted was basic. He was more than excited when he finally realized my order was finished and I was ready to whip around to the window. A few cars back he peaks his head out the window with a laugh and smiles waving at my car. I pull up and he is more than excited to give me my food. Driving away I thought I was on a hidden camera show. It was an odd night that ended hilariously. The story does not end there. I called the next day to ask who was working at the window and made sure that his staff knew how much he made my day. Chick-fil-A will forever be a place that can always help to make your day just a little better.


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