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  • Astrid Smith

The Official Spring Cleaning Guide

April showers and May flowers are here and so is the time to start cleaning. What do people usually mean by spring cleaning? They mean opening your windows, putting your bulky winter coats away and realigning yourself as the weather becomes nice again. Here’s a list of things you should focus on before the school year ends and summer starts!

1. Empty that closet!

Whatever you haven’t touched or looked at within the past year needs to go, and I don’t mean in the trash. Goodwill and Salvation Army are the most reliable clothing donation sites to go to and there are plenty around St. Louis to choose from. Just make sure anything you are donating is clean and in tack. I know we all have dresses from dances laying around untouched, so instead of just ignoring them maybe make someone else’s day by donating it.

2.Cleansing your phone

So much time and energy is poured into your phone and sometimes it just all needs to be wiped out. This could mean deleting pictures you don’t need anymore, revamping all 300 of your Spotify playlists, or even just changing your lock screen. We spend pretty much all our time with our phones and by renewing this source we can help our minds recenter. And if you really want to refocus try to but timers on all the apps you use every day, challenge yourself.

3. Sticking with a routine

It’s almost been 5 months since the start of the year, and now is the period of time where stabilizing out lives is important. Nothing in this world is stable or neutral in the slightest, but easy steps like making a to-do can help alleviate this stress. You could even try making a meal prep every Sunday night, or journaling after dinner on the weekdays. You should be doing what you need to make yourself feel productive and okay.

This season should be a time to reflect and seek balance. As the trees and flowers are starting to bloom again so should you. So pick up a new hobby, stop to smell the roses and take time to just be with yourself.


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