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The Power of the Pentagons

By Caroline Fesler '20, Jane Miller '20, and Cailtin Hamill '20

This article by the Pentagons is dedicated to Mr. Modde <3

Let’s start from the beginning. We’re Delene Scalene, Cause a Fright Right and Isosceles. But you might know us better as Caroline Fesler, Jane Miller, and Caitlin Hamill. The three of us had been friends in middle school for a while, but everything changed when we stepped into Mr. Modde’s freshmen geometry class.The class proved to be a challenge for all three of us and we quickly learned that the math lab (now known as the math center) was a perfect place to seek refuge. One Friday, Mr. Modde was running late and the three of us congregated into the small room, adorned with murals of women in stem. Inspired by these courageous women and the mass we had just attended, we decided to put our math knowledge to good use. We started casually humming about the math concepts we were learning, which quickly evolved into a full fledged church hymn about geometry. All three of us sang the song on repeat for the next few days, which made some of our classmates happy and drove others insane. We chose to only hear the positivity, and continued our efforts to convert church songs into math anthems. As our popularity grew, we branched into traditional pop songs as well. Some of our hits include “Mr. Modde, Teacher of Math,”“Far Across the Classroom,” and “Modde Did You Know?”

As time went on, we branched into different math classes but never lost touch with each other or our fans. Even when we weren’t making new music, we were looking to the future of our brand and working on expansion. The talent show always served as a source of inspiration and a goal to work towards, but there were lots of smaller steps along the way. We gave a concert in the hallway, performed for our friend Clarisa when she was recovering from an injury, and participated in an impromptu Karaoke session at JBD. Even at Kairos we were able to give an information session and whip out a few songs for our classmates, further enhancing the retreat experience itself.

You’re probably wondering why we decided to call ourselves ‘the Pentagons’. Why not ‘the triangles’

given that there are three of us? Well, our band is so much more than just the three of us. YOU, the fantigons, are an integral part of our story. Additionally, we must pay homage to our fearless leader, Mr. Modde. Three gons + Mr. Modde +the fans makes five, fearless and unbreakable sides of us, the Pentagons. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our Instagram @officalpentagons (yes, it is spelled OFFICAL not OFFICIAL) or the fan Instagram, @officalfantigons.

This first picture is the old Math Lab, with the mural of five Women in Stem. This room is where our band credits its origin.

This picture was taken about four years ago, as the three gons said goodbye to Mr. Modde on their last day of geometry!


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