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  • Amelia Ward

Thespian Banquet Re-Cap

One of people’s favorite expressions to use when something complicated or time-consuming rolls around is “Well, it takes a village!”. I’m here to tell you that is absolutely, 100% true. This year’s thespian banquet was phenomenal, but it couldn’t have been done without the village that is the theatre program here at Viz. With only a few meetings to verify the plans, the junior and sophomore thespians took matters into their own hands. Groups worked on decorations, playlists, slideshows, writing letters to our lovely seniors, putting together gifts for said seniors, and even communicating with a catering business! After about 525,600 minutes of work, Viz’s Red Carpet Banquet was ready to strut its’ stuff! The banquet was a show-stopping success. When guests arrived at the door, they were greeted by a bouncer who, after verifying their names on the guest list, allowed them into the party. The guests then walked down the red carpet where our sophomores and freshmen acted like paparazzi, snapping pictures and yelling “Who are you wearing tonight?”. When they finally reached DeChantal, guests were encouraged to find a seat and the banquet began. The night was filled with tear-jerking speeches, delicious food, and comical awards. We laughed, we cried, and we celebrated Viz theatre’s incredible season! It truly was a night to remember.


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