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This or That?

As many of you have heard at the recent assembly, this year's Fall Fest theme is This or That. In honor of this theme, Jessica Martin and Claire Riley will now take you through a Viz-themed This or That competition.

Mascots: Owl or Vivette

Owls have has a long history at Visitation Academy beginning in a 1920 acedemic record of The Crescent, the Viz publication at the time. The owl has represented wisdom and cresents throughout our schools rich history. As well as these many traits the owl represents, it is an animal and therefore a concrete alternative to the question “What even is a vivette”?

The Vivette is just a classic thing about Viz. First of all, I know no one made it through ninth grade English without Mrs. Hadlow referencing Vicky Vivette. On top of that, it is unique so we know there is no chance of another school having the same mascot as us. Where else can you look at a mascot and know exactly what school it belongs to? Visitation Vivettes rolls off the tongue is clearly the better choice

JBD or Field Day

JBD or Just Because Day has been a tradition at Viz for years. One day out of the year at random, student council announces that it is Just Because Day. There are bouncy houses, face painting, photo booths, activities, and more. The entire day consists of these activities and the school even provides lunch for the day. Just Because Day’s hype, free food, and fun activities all lead to it being the better choice.

Field Day is one day of the year when the adrenaline levels at Viz are at their peak. From the intensity of tug of war to the nonstop cheering, the Viz community really bonds through our overcompetiveness on Field Day. It is also a mark that the end of the school year is quickly approaching, which everyone looks forward to. The energy at Viz is field day is simply unmatched which obviously makes the it better choice.

Cass Comons or Menard Deck

Cass Commons is conveniently located between the lunch room and Buder Gym next to Viz Station and the Jesus Circle. This supreme location is perfect for snacks as within a twenty-foot radius, there is an abundance of delicious treats to enjoy. Its large windows make it well-lit, perfect for focusing on homework, studying, or any strenuous task at hand. Its red comfy couches are perfect for comfortability whether it be for sitting or taking a quick nap during a free. Overall its location, vibes, and comfortability all lead to it being the better choice.

Menard Deck is located right next to Campus Ministry where you can get free snacks or hot chocolate at any time, talk to the campus ministers about literally anything, or take a nap on the couches. It is also conveniently located right next to the library so you can print things with ease. It is generally quieter than Cass Commons so it is ideal for focusing on work or studying. In addition that all of that, Menard Deck also has a variety of seating including fun circular chairs that spin and you can adjust the height of. All of these things, including the fact that none of the seating in Menard Deck has questionable stains unlike the couches in Cass Commons, just simply make Menard Deck the right choice.

Written by Jessica Martin '23 and Claire Riley '23


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