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TikTok Babies!

With the third quarter wrapping up and school work increasing, one distraction to take our minds off school stress is Tik Tok. While this app is home to a wide variety of videos from dancing to cooking, the one highlight we've decided brings the most joy to our lives are the Tik Tok babies! For this highlight we have included just three of our favorites but more are to come! For now check out our top picks.

  • The Carlin family with "Bunnies or Piggies"

Watch as this adorable little one decides on her hairstyle of the day! Piggies or bunnies? SO CUTE! #shorts | TikTok Craze

  • Franklin

Bailey, mother to Franklin, Lincoln, and Grant shares her daily interactions with her youngest son Franklin! Be sure to check out her account.

  • Lena (and her muffin)

There is one thing more cute than a little kid: a cute little kid with a muffin!


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