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TikTok Recipes

As many of you know, the popular social media platform Tik tok has become a worldwide sensation bringing us videos on everything from dancing to painting. However here at the vivette times we have decided to highlight another popular aspect of the app: Cooking! So without further ado lets dive right into some of our favorite Tik Tok recipes which we assure you are worth the hype. 1. Pancake cereal: This fun twist on breakfast is exactly what it sounds like. This revolutionary snack combines two things into the perfect sweet treat with miniature pancakes that can be topped with anything from syrup to whipped cream.

2. Salmon and rice Bowl: Don’t knock it till' you try it because even I had my reservations about this recipe. First popularized by Tik toker Emily Mariko, this recipe is a way to use leftover salmon in a healthy and tasty way. Microwave some leftover salmon and rice and top with some mayo, siracha, and enjoy!

3. Feta Pasta: This easy and tasty recipe might just become your new favorite. Its simple- just toss some tomatoes, olive oil, chili flakes, and basil into a pan with a block of feta in the middle. Then bake on low to melt it into a creamy sauce and add cooked pasta then voila! You have your pasta!


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