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  • Anna McCarthy

Top Three Scariest Horror Movies

With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with some candy and watch a horror movie. If you love a good scare, here are the top three movies that you should watch this spooky season (spoilers ahead!!).

  1. Hereditary: This supernatural film follows a family struggling with the death of their strange and secretive grandmother. While they knew that the deceased women had odd interests, they never imagined that her activities would give them such a deadly fate. The list of ominous events in the movie is long: the family's youngest child is decapitated, the mother unknowingly befriends her mother's fellow cult member, and the oldest child's body is overtaken by the cult's god, Paimon. The tension in the movie sent shivers down my back, and the ending left me with an icky feeling in my stomach, in a good way.

  1. Annabelle: Creation: Giving the backstory to the hit film Annabelle, this movie has some of the best jump scares that I have ever seen. The fear and suspense portrayed by Janice (Talitha Bateman) bring the story to life. The gory scenes and demonic faces look terrifyingly real. The final scenes of the are the most action packed 20 minutes of any horror film I have ever seen. Not only is this movie amazing, but it also adds dimension to the rest of the Annabelle movies and ties loose ends from the first movie.

  1. Get Out: Slasher and paranormal horror movies are great, but nothing beats this psychological thriller. Although it seems slightly predictable, I never would have guessed the completed storyline of this movie. The betrayal by one of the main characters left me speechless. There is the perfect combination of suspense and humor in the film. Along with being an entertaining watch, it touches on social injustices in an appropriate way. Finally, the main character, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), is a likeable character that will make you pray for his victory.


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