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Two Sides: ACT Policy

Side One: By Kirti Madhu '21:

The new ACT policy of retaking sections is a very good in oy opinion. This policy allows students to not stress out about sitting through a 4-hour exam and being able to get good scores on all four sections. With the new ACT policy, students only need to focus on getting a good score on the section that they are retaking not the whole test. Personally, I would benefit greatly from this policy. This policy would relieve so much stress and make taking the ACT a lot easier.

Side Two: By Abby Adams '20

I have a whole host of reasons why taking different ACT sections on different dates to combine scores for a composite is a bad idea. However, I will only stick to the two most pressing: unnecessary stress and the wealth gap which correlates to the score gap. As a Visitation student, I know that we are already vying for the top score even if it badly affects our mental (and sometimes) physical health. Now, Viz students will constantly have the ACT on their mind while trying to be keep up with the raising mid 50% of colleges standardized testing scores. In addition to wealthy students gaining unnecessary stress, lower income students will be unable to keep up with the increasing scores of wealthy students as they will be unable to pay to take the test multiple times. Also, with the scores raising, it will only make it harder to get into more selective colleges for all future undergraduate students.


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