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Unpopular Opinions

By Hanlon Rhodes '23

Unpopular opinions seem to be all the buzz lately. People come forward with their opinion that they think would be deemed "unpopular" or hard to agree with so that people can discuss and relate to them. Here are some unpopular opinions that were gathered from around the student body:

  1. Raising Canes is better than Chick-Fil-A

  2. Barbecue sauce is spicy

  3. Valentine's Day is unnecessary

  4. Drinking milk on its own is good

  5. Sleeping with socks on is comfortable

  6. Water is the superior beverage

  7. Coffee tastes bad

  8. Starbucks isn't that good

  9. Snapchat is boring

  10. Body Armor is better than Gatorade

  11. Mr. McKeever should dye his hair green

  12. AP Euro tests are not as challenging as they seem to be

  13. Jake Paul is the best youtuber

  14. Carrying a lunch box around when it is not lunch period is awkward

  15. Theology class shouldn't be graded

  16. Bread Co mac and cheese is not very good

  17. Dark chocolate is the best chocolate

  18. Bread Co Broccoli Cheddar Soup is the best soup they have

  19. Chemistry is fake.

  20. St. Charles > St. Louis

  21. Menchies > FroYo

  22. FroYo is gross

  23. Saying hi to people in the halls is the best part of the day

  24. Driving alone is sad and not fun

  25. 8th grade trip > 9th grade trip

  26. The second thinnest pen on one note is the best one

  27. The best days are when we drop 3 & 4

  28. Mr. McKeever gives off Thursday vibes

  29. "The Office" is very overrated

  30. "Friends" is an awful show

  31. "Strip that Down" by Liam Payne is the best song of all time

  32. Mr. Stoecklin and Cortana are the only reason our inboxes aren't dry

  33. Grape jelly is repulsive

  34. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are gross

  35. Bottled water is disgusting

  36. "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo is not that good


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