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  • Annie Restovich

Vivette Soccer Success

Here at Viz, we have some special athletes that make up a part of our school community. I wanted to highlight two specific students that had a very extraordinary summer full of soccer triumphs. Freshman Alex Pfeiffer and sophomore Grace Restovich play in the Elite Clubs National League for Saint Louis Scott Gallagher ECNL 2006 Navy together. Alex is born in 2007 and plays up a year with the SLSG '06 ECNL team. Together they shared a memorable summer winning the ECNL National Championship for the 2006 age group in July of 2022. "This summer was full of so many cool memories that will last a lifetime," says Grace. "We had a really amazing summer because we won a national championship," says Alex. The run started in Seattle, WA where they played and won 4 games to then reach the Final Four. In Richmond, VA, they played 3 tough games, winning one in penalty kicks. The final game, played against Colorado Rapids ended in a close 1-0 victory. Grace was fouled hard in the box, resulting in a penalty kick for her team. Crazy enough, it was Alex who finished the PK and scored the only goal of the game to give her team the lead they would need for the rest of the game. "Winning this championship was a testament to how hard my team worked all year, and hearing the final whistle blow was the best feeling that I have ever felt. The journey was unreal for my team and I. It brought us all together because we were a part of something bigger than just ourselves, and we now share a piece of history together," says Grace. These Vivettes put their talent on show and shared a meaningful experience, while also being crowned National Champs together. Out of hundreds of players competing for one championship, 2 of these champions came out of Visitation Academy. That’s pretty special, I would say. On top of this success they shared, each had their own United States Youth National Team experience. Alex was named to the United States U15 National Team and Grace was named to the United States U16 National Team. Alex recollects on her experience saying, "I was very fortunate to get to play for my country this summer. In June I traveled to the Netherlands with the US U15 team and we played against Netherlands and Germany. It was awesome to play European teams and I scored a goal against Germany. While being in Europe I made some really great friends on the team. In early July I found out that I had made the CONCACAF team to play in Tampa for the U15 championship. I left on July 20th and came home on August 8th. This was the best experience ever, not only getting to compete and play against other countries, but also getting to spend time with some really good friends. I’m grateful for this experience, especially being able to learn from so many great coaches and I hope to do it again soon." Grace adds that her USYNT experience started "at the end of May when [she] was chosen to represent the u16 USA Youth National Team in Sweden." She says, "We played and won three matches against Norway, France, and Sweden. The trip was an amazing experience where I was able to learn from my teammates from all across the country and grow as a player, while competing against the top players in Europe." These two girls shared an experience of a lifetime together, while also undertaking their own personal feats, representing the United States. They will always have the commonality of being Viz girls: being who they are and being that well. Just highlighting 2 of hundreds of girls that make Viz who we are, we are proud to recognize the talents and successes of Alex Pfeiffer (9) and Grace Restovich (10).


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