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What came first, the turkey or the egg?

Yeah, everyone has heard the classic debate over what came first, the chicken or the egg. However, the new question this Thanksgiving season is did the turkey or the egg come first. Now we all know that if the egg came first then who laid it, and if the chicken came first where did it come from. Well, I am here to give you the truth once and for all. Obviously the egg came first, nay, the chicken had to have come first. That debate in your head is enough to make you go berserk. Let's break it down. The turkey. An animal brought up around Thanksgiving. The chicken however, a household name. There is a feud between these birds that goes unnoticed. Now, the chicken feels confident in its species, I mean they even have their own joke that is quite famous (why did the chicken cross the road?). The turkey, on the other hand, only has one chance to prove that it to can be a famous bird too. So every November, the turkey uses it claim to fame to bring thanks to people everyone. But, the problem does not stop there for our poor turkeys. No, they have to face an even bigger battle. What is that battle you may ask, it is… Christmas fever. Once the winter weather hits, Thanksgiving is overlooked except when it comes to the break it provides for students. Christmas music starts up and Mariah Carey rises to the top of the music charts once again. So how can we give the turkeys the credit they deserve? Simple. MAKE IT THANKSGIVING SEASON, not Christmas season. Start off by listening to some Thanksgiving songs. Need a few suggestions, well I got you covered.

  1. Turkey Hokey Pokey (

  2. No more Thanksgiving songs exist

Okay fine, so nothing can top the Turkey Hokey Pokey we know, but nobody even tried to. Thanksgiving songs just don't exist. Let's focus on the reason we are all here, to find out if the turkey or the egg came first. Well here, I will make it simple. It didn't. Once Halloween is over, Frosty the Snowman puts his hat on once again and comes back to life making the turkeys feel forgotten, so they do not even hatch. So good job everyone, you broke the poor turkeys' spirits. How do we fix this you might ask? Well I'm all out of ideas.


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