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What is Online Admitted Students' Day?

By Grace Elsner '20

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to circulate throughout the news, I did not think it would do much to affect my college process. I knew that colleges would close and students would begin online learning, but it had not dawned on me that I would not be able to do that "final walkthrough" with my schools. In order to make my final decision, I had to take a reach school that I was admitted into off of my list. I was waiting to see if I would be accepted, but due to COVID-19, it makes it nearly impossible for indecisive me to choose a school that I have never visited, and on top of that a state that I had never been to. While this made me sad because my reach school was off my list, this left me deciding between two other schools. In the back of my mind throughout this whole process, I thought that when I applied to eight schools I would be denied from some and then slowly narrow down my schools to two. With the final two, I would visit the schools and make my decision from there. However, I have been forced to make a decision without that final walkthrough. But never fear! My top two schools decided that they would be hosting Zoom calls for not only the programs I have been accepted into, but also for Admitted Students' Days. Days where you are supposed to take that final walk through, meet current staff and students, and many people find their friends/roommates. But it is potentially worse than I thought. I have already chosen a roommate, so we decided that we would go on the Zoom call "together". We kept in touch over text the whole time, and it was nice to have a friend. My biggest advice to my fellow seniors is have a friend go with you, the experience will be better if you do. I should start with the fact that there is not much to expect. A Zoom call as we have all come to realize, is nothing like personal interaction. However, some things that these colleges did were frankly hilarious. Beginning with a virtual tour of the school using the beloved Google Maps. I could not believe I was sitting there as the pixelated screen attempted to show buildings. This is not a diss at the universities I am considering. I completely acknowledge that they are trying their best. Then, there were the actual Zoom calls. While there were about fifty people in the room, no one was talking. It is extremely difficult to have more than one conversation on a video call, which is why this awkwardness was occurring. I tried to ask some questions, but it did very little to the totality of the conversation. Later I was put into a small group of four perspective students and four current students. This was great because I felt much more free to ask questions without feeling embarrassed. If your Admitted Student's Day offers something like this, go to it. You may not even be required to do the other activities, but asking the questions to the current students and getting real and honest answers (probably because their boss isn't on the call) really helped me narrow down my decision. My school's "Summer Preview Days"/Orientations have been moved to online, so I will be enduring more awkward calls. I do suggest that if you are having a hard time choosing a school or making friends, everyone is in the Facebook groups for colleges because of social-distancing, so take a look at the itinerary for these types of events. Even if they are optional, you may make some connections with your future upperclassmen.