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What To Do Instead of Viz-Priory

By Riley Ehlermann '21

This year, Viz-Priory has been cancelled in light of Covid-19 and social distancing regulations, not surprise here; however, it still brings a shock and sadness for the Visitation students. So, what do we do to replace this? Well, there is not much that can happen given any form of a dance would not be a responsible thing to hold outside of Viz. Instead of a secret dance, girls could meet up on a Zoom call all dressed up, and I guess sit and talk? I do not like that for any of us. I say, on the next dress down day we should all wear our dresses over leggings and t-shirts, because why not. That is a great way to safely re-experience Viz-Priory with the rest of the school. Another idea would be to film a getting ready TikTok with transitions and go viral. Perhaps that's how your TikTok career starts. Finally, my final and most difficult idea is to attempt to lucid dream the dance so you can still experience it from the safety of your imagination. No matter which option you chose, or if you devise your own plan, it is important that we remember why events like Viz-Priory are cancelled: to help keep the students, faculty, and family members safe from the spread of Covid. Do your part and do not put on a fake dance, that is not cool.


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