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When Does Christmas Start?

There are two types of people in this world: those that start celebrating Christmas on November 1 and those that wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas. You may think that this is an opinion and there is no right answer, but I can assure you, there is only one logical answer to the question “When does Christmas Start?”

Allow me to break down some common arguments from the scrooge side:

“There is a whole holiday in between Halloween and Christmas”

Actually, there are many significant holidays in between Halloween and Christmas, one being Minnie and Mickey Mouse’s birthdays, so discouraging the celebration of the most wonderful time of the year because “there’s another holiday” is simply not just. It is very possible to celebrate one holiday and still acknowledge others. “If you celebrate Christmas too early it gets boring”

Christmas is a time of happiness and should not be limited to only one month. Christmas music brings joy to most and with November and December being stressful, who wouldn’t want a little uplift. There is an array of Christmas songs out there, so if you need to switch playlists after a few weeks, you can do so with ease, whereas Thanksgiving only has one song. One song. Who wants to listen to only one song for a month? That would get really boring really quickly. Also, Christmas is a season and Thanksgiving is a day, so obviously Christmas should be celebrated for long. I also personally believe that the celebration of the birth of Jesus should be maximized.

“You have to wait until the weather gets colder to celebrate Christmas”

We live in Saint Louis where it will be 70 degrees and sunny one day then 30 and snowing the next. You cannot base when you will celebrate something based on weather here. Basically, Christmas is the superior holiday, but I believe the best option here is to start celebrating Christmas on November 1, take a break for Thanksgiving and let it have its one day, then resume decking the halls, let it snow, and listening to Mariah Carey, and of course, Justin Bieber. Happy Holidays everyone!


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