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Winter Fashion Trends for Different Aesthetics

By Anonymous

As the holidays are approaching, December is a splendorous time to show off some great winter outfits especially with the influence teenagers are shown nowadays. With the amount of time being at home due to COVID-19, it has given many teenagers globally a chance to change their aesthetic of style. However, what are some winter fashion trends of 2020 that relate to streetwear, y2k, egirl, skater, VSCO, and vintage styles? Streetwear usually consists of baggy comfortable clothing along with sportswear, hip hop, and punk outfits. Due to the weather getting colder puffer jackets have really been hitting the market for people who enjoy the streetwear aesthetic. Y2k on the other hand is a funky style inspired by the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Jogger sets during this time were really kicking it off and still are especially during the cold seasons, but make sure they match! Egirl and the skater style are both very similar, however, egirl has more of a gothic taste and quite frankly sometimes resembles anime girls, while the skater style has a chill comfortable vibe along with cool jeans. During the winter, black coats and jackets are very beloved by both styles as well as layering up with long sleeves and an oversized shirt on top. VSCO was inspired by the app called “VSCO” and it consists of a pretty basic preppy and beachy style. As it gets colder, VSCO’s go-to trend during the winter is oversized sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, and cute sweatpants. Lastly, vintage fashion is based around a mixture of clothing from different time periods from the past and can usually be found in thrifting stores. Denim jeans, long boho skirts, and lengthy jackets are a great trend for this style during the winter to stay warm. Even though everyone has their own style, these are just a few popular ones. Different seasons allow everyone to spice up their styles once in a while, so I hope these winter fashion trends inspire you! Fashion is a great way to express oneself!


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