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Winter Music Recommendations

By Mary Kramer '22

At the end of every year, Spotify hits me with the "Spotify Wrapped" to recap the year in music. Spotify Wrapped" came out on Tuesday, December 3. When I looked at mine consisted of many similar indie pop artists including, Conan Gray, Declan Mckenna, the Walters, Girl in Red, Lorde, Clairo, and my top artist of the year, Wallows. This is the band with everyone’s favorite, Clay Jensen. These songs are a few of my favorite from my "Top 100 Songs of the Year" playlist.

"Roi" by Videoclub

Now despite me not speaking French or understanding this song at all I have two Videoclub songs on my top 5 songs of the year “Roi” and “Amour Plastique”. This indie pop duo Matty and Adele are a couple living in France living my summer dream life. Their music videos have inspired me to move to France.

"10/10" by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange county’s new album pony released on October 25 this year was Alex’s first album since "Apricot Princess" in 2017, which gained a ton of popularity. This song describes Alex’s past years and how he’s struggled to get through them, and is now trying to live his best life as a 10/10.

"Adore You" by Harry Styles

"Adore You" is Harry’s third song he has released from his album "Fine Line". As I am writing this, the song has been out for 15 minutes, and I have listened to it 4 times. He promoted this song by making a fake island tourist account on twitter @visiteroda. Harry’s second album, "Fine Line," comes out December 13th with his worldwide Love on Tour starting in April, stopping St. Louis on July 21st.

"Maniac" by Conan Gray

I saw that Carmyn already had this on her fall music recommendations, but I had to include it myself. This song is the perfect song to scream the lyrics out in your kitchen alone. I have followed Conan for two years, since I subscribed to his YouTube channel in 2017. After that, he has been writing and singing his own music mostly based on his love life. Luckily, I got the great chance to see him in concert on October 28 at The Pageant, which was the best experience of my life to date. I still haven’t recovered from the concert, and from him liking my Instagram post after it (slight flex).

"1980s Horror Film II" by Wallows

Wallows has been my obsession since late 2018, and I have been listening to them ever since. This song has a different feel than most of Wallows songs. Unlike their most popular song “Are you Bored Yet?,” which has more of a poppy tune with underlying sad lyrics, 1980s Horror Film II has more of vintage tune.


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